Jenny’s + and –

While I was doing this assignment, I was more conscious about my feelings than any other times. I wrote down some of the positive and negative feelings that I felt over the day and added them up at night. When I was going over the list at night it was really surprising to see how little things made me feel positive and negative. Like most of the people (I’m assuming), I wanted to show that I was happy, and I think that is why I had high number of the positive feelings in the beginning of the week. As we discussed in class, I agreed to some of my classmates when they said they tried to change their negative feelings towards more positive. That definitely happened to me throughout the week. Especially on Thursday, the positive went over 30 and I was really shocked by that.

Most of the days I had higher number of positive feelings than negative except on Friday since that was the day when I had weekly quiz (I already knew from the beginning that this would be one of the days that I would have the most negative feelings). Even though Thursday is one of my busiest day, I had a highest number of positive and I thought that was interesting.

I made a chart that has 3 columns: Positive, Negative and Ratio. I thought excel graph would be the best way to visualize it. Made two graphs one with number showing positive and negative feelings all added up and the other one with only ratio.