Life is Hard – Podcast 7

I was an assistant producer for the podcast 7, Life is Hard. Since this was my first time making a podcast, I was really worried. On top of that, I never really listened to podcast, so I had no idea where to start. When I first had a conversation about podcast with Bad Boss C, who is Cam, I was relieved since she already had an idea what she wanted to talk about. Since she already had a topic, we agreed that she should be the main producer this time.

Once we decided to talk about The Game of Life, we had to select some of the main ideas that we wanted to discuss in our podcast. Some of the things that popped up was if the game actually reflects the actual life, and what can players learn from the game. After we had a general idea what we wanted to talk about in our podcast, we had a conversation with Professor Morgen and learned how The Game of Life actually shows some racial problem in the game too. Starting from the cover of the game, which only showed a white family, we realized that this game mainly focused on middle class white family.

Once we had all the main points, we had to decide on how to organize the podcast. Since the podcast should not sound like as if we were reading the script, we decided to just start and see how it goes. We were worried how we are going to talk for 10 minutes but it actually turned out talking way more than we expected. As we were talking about the topic, we had more things coming up. Throughout the process Cam really encouraged me and I think that really helped me to go out my comfort zone and talk. I really enjoyed making podcast and I hope when I am main producer next time I could lead the podcast smoothly as Cam did.