Liveblog – Gone Home

Downloaded the game and pressed new game. My laptop volume was0 so I had to raise it so that I can hear what they were saying. At first, I thought this game would be low-quality but.. it is not. Little bit scared because of the music.

I started walking around. Found a bag, cup, chairs… etc. I was able to pick it up when I clicked it but had no idea what to do with it. It was interesting that I can throw the cup and stuff.

It has been 15 minutes and I’m still walking around the room. Actually… is it a room..?? I don’t know..

After 10 minutes I finally found a key underneath the duck. Now I kind of get how to play this game.

Got into the house and walked around. It was kind of dark. Walked around and noticed that I can turn on the light. I started to hunt down all the light as it was getting creepy listening to the thunder.

Found a family picture hanging on the wall.

From left side of the house. Sam, Katie, mom and dad

went into the hallway to the left side and turned on the light. Walked around the hallway and I noticed the sound… something about the weather so everyone should be careful. Yikes… tried to find where this sound is coming from but could not find it.

Walked into other rooms. Closet.. rooms.. Still can’t really find stuff that is useful. Went into Dad’s Office and found a locked cabinet. Need a code for this.. I wonder where to find this code. There was another room inside the office so went in there. Looks like a library. Wish they had more lights inside each room…

Looks like the library

Found a folder on the bookshelf, opened it and found a code. It’s 0451. opened the cabinet and still walking around.

Side Quest 3: Liveblogging Gone Home