For our final group project, we had to make a game. The bad guys (reference to the book Supperbetter) were the things that freshmen struggle or hates. Michelle, Elysia, and I was in the same group and we decided to create a game about the DUC, a current dining hall at Emory. Throughout the year, I noticed that lot of people decide to not go to DUC including myself. The reason for this was because DUC does not have a great food and some people thinks it is waste of money to spend time to go to DUC and eat when they could go to Cox and easily grab something to go. Our goal was to make students go to DUC more often since we already have the unlimited meal swipes and it is good to maximize the unlimited meal swipes. First, we thought what would motivate people to go to DUC more often. As I mentioned earlier, some students think it is waste of time to go to DUC and stay there so we thought of the to-go box. The other reward that we thought of was the Dooley dollars since it could be used in places that students like to go such as Starbucks, Cox, etc. then we decided on how many meal swipes that student needs to do each week. However, we thought that this game was too simple. That was when we thought of the lack of interaction between student and faculty (for this game DUC staff specifically). So, we added a way to increase the interaction between students and staff by having staff nominate a student and student can write a short note to staff so that they could increase their chance of getting nominated. For this reward, we thought of the Dine with the Chef, a program that Emory dining hall already has. I personally thought that our game was well organized and if we showed this to the administration, we could actually make this an actual game. We were utilizing the programs that already exists and the Dooley dollars that we are giving out is a small amount that would not impact the financial problem. Personally, if there was a game like this in the beginning of the year, I would have gone to DUC more often. I thought it motivates student to go to DUC more often since they have something to look forward to and also if the interaction between the student and staff increases, students would want to go to DUC since they know the staff. We thought the game could be pretty much set at this point. However, some students could not feel the same way that we thought. So we thought of the reason what other factor could make student motivate and we thought about the environmental problem that could be caused by the leftover food. DUC is required to make sufficient amount of food for people who has a meal plan and all the freshmen has the meal plan. Since not a lot of freshmen go to DUC, there would be a lot of food that are wasted. If more people go to DUC initially there would be less food wasted (thinking that most of the students would finish what they get at the DUC – a problem that classmate said). By saying this to the students, we thought more students would go since they would feel like they are helping the environment. Making this game was lot of thinking and trying to figure how to make it realistic as possible but it was definitely worth making it. I think our game is very well made and as mentioned before could possibly be shown to the administration. Not only trying to think how to maximize the DUC swipes but we also tackled other freshmen problem which is lack of relationship with faculty. Moreover, a food waste which is a bigger problem could were mentioned in this game.


Game for Horrible People

The second podcast that Cam (Bad Boss C) and me (Jenny) made was about Cards Against Humanity. This time I was the main producer and Cam was the assistant. Even though I was still nervous after my first podcast, it was still better than the beginning of the year. The reason why I chose this game as our second podcast episode was because I thought there was ore to this game than just a famous party game. We first started off with whether we played this game before or not and our personal feeling about this game. I personally played only once but I thought that unlike other games, Cards Against Humanity was more important to have fun than winning the game. There is a rule that judge will pick who made the funniest sentence and that person would get the point and by the end of the game, a person with the most point would be the winner. However, nobody cared about the rule but just focused on making the funny sentences and enjoying the game. I think people are attracted to this game since they can say the weird and dirty jokes that they would never make in normal life. While playing this game, people are in the environment that they could say anything that they would want, and most likely people would think it as a joke and would not get into trouble. In podcast I also gave an example when I played with my friend and how she is usually the quietest person in our group, but she changed so much while playing this game. it was surprising to see her change and how she even knew some of the jokes that we were making or that she made. This led me to think that this could be not only a party game but also could be some sort of social game or icebreaker. By playing this game, you get to know people and what kind of humor sense they have. Also, you will be able to show yourself since the decision that you are making is not based on individual and do not need to think about others. However, Cards Against Humanity does have so many dirty jokes that could make people feel uncomfortable and not everybody has a same humor so the jokes that you could make could be very offensive to others (some of the card examples were in the podcast). We also talked about in some way that this game is similar to FIASCO that we played in class since it is creating and making the story/sentence. Making this podcast, I still was not very confident in myself improvising what I would say since I am so used to prepare and say after. However, by making this podcast not only I gained confidence, but it was interesting to hear what others thought about Cards Against Humanity (since for this podcast I asked several people how they felt when they played this game). Since the game was only known for the dark humors and dirty jokes it was also interesting to explore the other side of the game.

Jenny’s + and –

While I was doing this assignment, I was more conscious about my feelings than any other times. I wrote down some of the positive and negative feelings that I felt over the day and added them up at night. When I was going over the list at night it was really surprising to see how little things made me feel positive and negative. Like most of the people (I’m assuming), I wanted to show that I was happy, and I think that is why I had high number of the positive feelings in the beginning of the week. As we discussed in class, I agreed to some of my classmates when they said they tried to change their negative feelings towards more positive. That definitely happened to me throughout the week. Especially on Thursday, the positive went over 30 and I was really shocked by that.

Most of the days I had higher number of positive feelings than negative except on Friday since that was the day when I had weekly quiz (I already knew from the beginning that this would be one of the days that I would have the most negative feelings). Even though Thursday is one of my busiest day, I had a highest number of positive and I thought that was interesting.

I made a chart that has 3 columns: Positive, Negative and Ratio. I thought excel graph would be the best way to visualize it. Made two graphs one with number showing positive and negative feelings all added up and the other one with only ratio.

Life is Hard – Podcast 7

I was an assistant producer for the podcast 7, Life is Hard. Since this was my first time making a podcast, I was really worried. On top of that, I never really listened to podcast, so I had no idea where to start. When I first had a conversation about podcast with Bad Boss C, who is Cam, I was relieved since she already had an idea what she wanted to talk about. Since she already had a topic, we agreed that she should be the main producer this time.

Once we decided to talk about The Game of Life, we had to select some of the main ideas that we wanted to discuss in our podcast. Some of the things that popped up was if the game actually reflects the actual life, and what can players learn from the game. After we had a general idea what we wanted to talk about in our podcast, we had a conversation with Professor Morgen and learned how The Game of Life actually shows some racial problem in the game too. Starting from the cover of the game, which only showed a white family, we realized that this game mainly focused on middle class white family.

Once we had all the main points, we had to decide on how to organize the podcast. Since the podcast should not sound like as if we were reading the script, we decided to just start and see how it goes. We were worried how we are going to talk for 10 minutes but it actually turned out talking way more than we expected. As we were talking about the topic, we had more things coming up. Throughout the process Cam really encouraged me and I think that really helped me to go out my comfort zone and talk. I really enjoyed making podcast and I hope when I am main producer next time I could lead the podcast smoothly as Cam did.

Jenny Plays Fiasco for the First Time!

Fiasco was very interesting game for me. This was my first-time playing game like this, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Usually the game has a certain rule and players need to follow it. However, when I was playing this game it did have a rule, but I felt like there is more freedom and more like create your own story game.

              We chose a playset called “In a nice southern town”. There were three relationships: friendly rivals, distant/unusual relatives, and professionals. We had valuable vintage car as our object, our goal was to get out of the gang, and finally our location was at the Chicken Hut, a fast food restaurant.

              At first, we were lost. Even though we had a rulebook and everything else, it took us about 20 minutes to get ready. After we got everything set up, we started our story. We were all in the gang and were all in the same team. Starting from the restaurant, we were in a hostage situation, but Jenny abandoned the other two but eventually got into the car accident while other two tried to figure out who hacked into the drug dealer’s secret. Eventually the other two figured out that it was Jenny who leaked the information and captured Jenny. Moon and Peach took Jenny to the headquarter and the boss gave them a lot of money, so they decide to get out of the gang but eventually the headquarter is bombed and all the characters die in the end.

               I personally think the story turned out well. Since we had an object and location not really related to the drug dealing situation, I thought we would end up rolling the dice again and switch everything. However, as soon as we decided our first scene, we started to create a story. The story was unrealistic, but I thought it was very funny in the end. The interesting part about this game was that the outcome was dependent to whoever you are playing with. I think usually the game’s purpose is to play individually and win by myself but this game, the outcome is dependent on your teammate and your teammate is the one who is choosing either white or black dice outcome. the other part that I enjoyed playing Fiasco was that it is very collaborative game. Rather than playing individually, our team collaboratively created a story, deciding whether the scene makes sense to the previous scene and help each other when another person is stuck. I got lot of help from my teammate since I did not know what to do and I thought that was part that I could not see from other games. I think it is somewhat different than RPG game. RPG game is more individually played but Fiasco is more played as a group. There is a quest in RPG game that you play with your teammate but in the end, you do not get involved in creating your teammate’s “journey” so I think in some aspect it is similar but also different.

Liveblog – Gone Home

Downloaded the game and pressed new game. My laptop volume was0 so I had to raise it so that I can hear what they were saying. At first, I thought this game would be low-quality but.. it is not. Little bit scared because of the music.

I started walking around. Found a bag, cup, chairs… etc. I was able to pick it up when I clicked it but had no idea what to do with it. It was interesting that I can throw the cup and stuff.

It has been 15 minutes and I’m still walking around the room. Actually… is it a room..?? I don’t know..

After 10 minutes I finally found a key underneath the duck. Now I kind of get how to play this game.

Got into the house and walked around. It was kind of dark. Walked around and noticed that I can turn on the light. I started to hunt down all the light as it was getting creepy listening to the thunder.

Found a family picture hanging on the wall.

From left side of the house. Sam, Katie, mom and dad

went into the hallway to the left side and turned on the light. Walked around the hallway and I noticed the sound… something about the weather so everyone should be careful. Yikes… tried to find where this sound is coming from but could not find it.

Walked into other rooms. Closet.. rooms.. Still can’t really find stuff that is useful. Went into Dad’s Office and found a locked cabinet. Need a code for this.. I wonder where to find this code. There was another room inside the office so went in there. Looks like a library. Wish they had more lights inside each room…

Looks like the library

Found a folder on the bookshelf, opened it and found a code. It’s 0451. opened the cabinet and still walking around.

Side Quest 3: Liveblogging Gone Home

What is in Jenny’s Bag?

Inside Jenny’s bag, there are…

  • Yellow pencil pouch
    • It’s a pretty big pencil pouch that I have been using for several years.
  • 2018-2019 planner
    • I have poor memorization so I need to write down everything on the planner.
  • Notebook
    • I don’t usually use it because I use a laptop to take notes. However, some of my professors sometimes want students to take notes on a notebook so I carry around.
  • Japanese textbook
    • Has a Japanese related course almost every day so there is always a textbook in the bag.
  • Laptop(Windows) – Surface Pro
    • Need it for taking notes, checking email, turning in assignments and etc.
  • Mouse
    • Using a separate mouse is more convenient for me so I carry around all the time.
  • Folders
    • 6 classes so 6 folders.

If anyone looks through my bag, I think they will have a pretty good idea who I am. As you can see in the picture, most of the stuff that I own is color black, which is my favorite color when it comes to buying school supplies (could not do that for the folders because if I write something on the cover I can’t see it). Multiple folders show that I am a person who likes to organize. Japanese textbook shows my interest in Japanese. I am thinking Japanese as my major or minor in the future. It was hard for me to take the picture because I had more stuff in my bag than I expected. First I tried to take a picture putting all the stuff on the desk but it did not work so I end up putting stuff on the ground. I still feel this is some sort of writing because there is written work.


My character name is Jenny. Jenny is the name that I usually use whenever I go to Starbucks, order food, or use Uber. I use this name because no one can really pronounce my actual name correctly. After using it for several years it feels like Jenny is my second name.