Game for Horrible People

The second podcast that Cam (Bad Boss C) and me (Jenny) made was about Cards Against Humanity. This time I was the main producer and Cam was the assistant. Even though I was still nervous after my first podcast, it was still better than the beginning of the year. The reason why I chose this game as our second podcast episode was because I thought there was ore to this game than just a famous party game. We first started off with whether we played this game before or not and our personal feeling about this game. I personally played only once but I thought that unlike other games, Cards Against Humanity was more important to have fun than winning the game. There is a rule that judge will pick who made the funniest sentence and that person would get the point and by the end of the game, a person with the most point would be the winner. However, nobody cared about the rule but just focused on making the funny sentences and enjoying the game. I think people are attracted to this game since they can say the weird and dirty jokes that they would never make in normal life. While playing this game, people are in the environment that they could say anything that they would want, and most likely people would think it as a joke and would not get into trouble. In podcast I also gave an example when I played with my friend and how she is usually the quietest person in our group, but she changed so much while playing this game. it was surprising to see her change and how she even knew some of the jokes that we were making or that she made. This led me to think that this could be not only a party game but also could be some sort of social game or icebreaker. By playing this game, you get to know people and what kind of humor sense they have. Also, you will be able to show yourself since the decision that you are making is not based on individual and do not need to think about others. However, Cards Against Humanity does have so many dirty jokes that could make people feel uncomfortable and not everybody has a same humor so the jokes that you could make could be very offensive to others (some of the card examples were in the podcast). We also talked about in some way that this game is similar to FIASCO that we played in class since it is creating and making the story/sentence. Making this podcast, I still was not very confident in myself improvising what I would say since I am so used to prepare and say after. However, by making this podcast not only I gained confidence, but it was interesting to hear what others thought about Cards Against Humanity (since for this podcast I asked several people how they felt when they played this game). Since the game was only known for the dark humors and dirty jokes it was also interesting to explore the other side of the game.


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