Jenny Plays Fiasco for the First Time!

Fiasco was very interesting game for me. This was my first-time playing game like this, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Usually the game has a certain rule and players need to follow it. However, when I was playing this game it did have a rule, but I felt like there is more freedom and more like create your own story game.

              We chose a playset called “In a nice southern town”. There were three relationships: friendly rivals, distant/unusual relatives, and professionals. We had valuable vintage car as our object, our goal was to get out of the gang, and finally our location was at the Chicken Hut, a fast food restaurant.

              At first, we were lost. Even though we had a rulebook and everything else, it took us about 20 minutes to get ready. After we got everything set up, we started our story. We were all in the gang and were all in the same team. Starting from the restaurant, we were in a hostage situation, but Jenny abandoned the other two but eventually got into the car accident while other two tried to figure out who hacked into the drug dealer’s secret. Eventually the other two figured out that it was Jenny who leaked the information and captured Jenny. Moon and Peach took Jenny to the headquarter and the boss gave them a lot of money, so they decide to get out of the gang but eventually the headquarter is bombed and all the characters die in the end.

               I personally think the story turned out well. Since we had an object and location not really related to the drug dealing situation, I thought we would end up rolling the dice again and switch everything. However, as soon as we decided our first scene, we started to create a story. The story was unrealistic, but I thought it was very funny in the end. The interesting part about this game was that the outcome was dependent to whoever you are playing with. I think usually the game’s purpose is to play individually and win by myself but this game, the outcome is dependent on your teammate and your teammate is the one who is choosing either white or black dice outcome. the other part that I enjoyed playing Fiasco was that it is very collaborative game. Rather than playing individually, our team collaboratively created a story, deciding whether the scene makes sense to the previous scene and help each other when another person is stuck. I got lot of help from my teammate since I did not know what to do and I thought that was part that I could not see from other games. I think it is somewhat different than RPG game. RPG game is more individually played but Fiasco is more played as a group. There is a quest in RPG game that you play with your teammate but in the end, you do not get involved in creating your teammate’s “journey” so I think in some aspect it is similar but also different.


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