What is in Jenny’s Bag?

Inside Jenny’s bag, there are…

  • Yellow pencil pouch
    • It’s a pretty big pencil pouch that I have been using for several years.
  • 2018-2019 planner
    • I have poor memorization so I need to write down everything on the planner.
  • Notebook
    • I don’t usually use it because I use a laptop to take notes. However, some of my professors sometimes want students to take notes on a notebook so I carry around.
  • Japanese textbook
    • Has a Japanese related course almost every day so there is always a textbook in the bag.
  • Laptop(Windows) – Surface Pro
    • Need it for taking notes, checking email, turning in assignments and etc.
  • Mouse
    • Using a separate mouse is more convenient for me so I carry around all the time.
  • Folders
    • 6 classes so 6 folders.

If anyone looks through my bag, I think they will have a pretty good idea who I am. As you can see in the picture, most of the stuff that I own is color black, which is my favorite color when it comes to buying school supplies (could not do that for the folders because if I write something on the cover I can’t see it). Multiple folders show that I am a person who likes to organize. Japanese textbook shows my interest in Japanese. I am thinking Japanese as my major or minor in the future. It was hard for me to take the picture because I had more stuff in my bag than I expected. First I tried to take a picture putting all the stuff on the desk but it did not work so I end up putting stuff on the ground. I still feel this is some sort of writing because there is written work.


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